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Week of Remodeling at FPC
June 26, 2016, 6:00 PM
  • After BFF as many as can, help us move us much as we can off the platform tonight.
  • No Mid-week Service or Prayer meeting due to Remodeling – Carpet on platform, tile in bathrooms, etc.
  • Monday at 7:15 am all men and young men who can meet here at the church for a work day. If you can’t make it at 7:15, come when you can.There will be people working all day until the evening.
  • If you can work Tuesday, Wed, Thursday or Friday.Get with Bro. Darren at 337-514-0682 or Bro. Rocky and let them know when you will be available.
  • Friday No Men’s prayer due to remodeling but we will have breakfast at Shoney’s at 7:15 am. We will probably still need workers on Friday.
  • Friday at 6:00 PM – General church cleaning to clean up after the remodeling. If we have to change it, we will send out a text and phone call, and post on social media.
  • Saturday Outreach with prayer at 10:30 am and outreach at 11:00am.





  • Bro. Townley as he teaches – TJ, Caitlyn and Abbilyn
  • Sis. Jean’s Family in the death of her niece Cassie
  • Abraham / Smith family in prayer.
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