Sis Mabel Alexander Passes

Our beloved Sister Alexander passed from this life on September 22nd 2018 around 3:40 PM.  


Sister Alexander was the wife of the late Rev. T.C. Alexander,  former pastor of First Pentecostal Church of Jennings.  This sweet , godly lady will be dearly missed by FPC. 

On September 22, we lost a great matri-arch of our church, and her absence is deeply felt. Sis. Alexander was not only our previous pastor’s wife for many years, but also a faithful saint and a pray-er warrior. Her prayers were sent up as a covering over our church family for many years, and we have surely felt the benefits of her sacrifice. Our heritage is rich, and we have been greatly blessed to have had a strong and faithful Mother of Zion in our corner.
Sis. Alexander lived a long and prosperous life, seeing and doing everything she could get her hands on. She was tireless in her work, and she accomplished a lot in her 101 years. But as she grew older, her eyesight began to fail her, and her body grew weak. Her mind and her spirit did not wither though, and she still had the strength to move mountains with her faith. She had a prayer jar that she filled with the names and needs of her loved ones, and she prayed over it daily. Her favorite scripture was James 5:16 which states, “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Sis. Alexander was a righteous woman and she prayed effectually. We are still experiencing the effects of her prayers.
One of her biggest struggles was not being able to walk in her lat-ter months of life. She had the will, but her body would not make a way for her to be able to walk. She tried every chance she got, and always said that one day she would walk again. Because of the life she lived and her dedication to the Lord, we know that she has gained her Heavenly reward and is walking the streets of gold, finally able to walk exactly like she dreamed. Here is the poem that her great grandaughter, Lauren penned for her funeral:

Walking With Him

I walked through life the best I could
I lived the way I knew
My world was filled with family, friends
and things I loved to do.
My life was long and richly blessed
God blessed me everywhere
And in my times of losses
I walked with God in prayer.
When I was young I heard of Jesus
and what He had for me
I chose to give my life to Him
we walked, just Him and me.
He took me through some highs and lows
He kept my hand in His
I walked with Him and lived my life
for such a time as this.
I leaned on God when I was sad
He bottled all my tears
My “jar of prayers” mixed with my faith
He honored through the years.
I’ve dreamed of going home someday
to those I loved so dear
Walking in Jesus’ arms
I made it, now I’m here.
I tried to leave a legacy
of how to love, to pray
Of how to live for Jesus
and walk in faith each day.
I’m dancing now on streets of gold
my body now restored
I’m walking just the way I dreamed
with Him, forevermore.

Sis. Alexander loved to serve those she loved, and she loved abundantly. The legacy that she leaves behind is a great testimony to her faith, and to the faithfulness of her Savior, Jesus. We can learn from her example that living for Jesus is truly the best life.

Going To Meet The Master
By Bro. Bill Adams
(For Sis. Alexander)

1. Years ago, I heard of Jesus,
How they spoke of that great name.
That he was God and He was the Father,
Oh how the story all began.

C. Now I’m going to meet the Master
Yes, I’m going to see the Lord
I’m going to shout, OH Hallelujah
With the Redeemed for evermore!

2. For many years I worked for Him
What a pleasure, it has been
Oh but to see His face in glory!
With all the saints who’ve gathered in.

3. To those who still are waiting,
Don’t you worry, just hold on.
For with joy, we’ll greet the Savior
We’ll all worship around the throne.

C. Now I’m going to meet the Master
Yes, I’m going to see the Lord
I’m going to shout, OH Hallelujah


20109 Hwy 102
Jennings, LA 70546

DOB: May 3, 1917 DOD:  September 22, 2018

Born Mabel Guillotte in Iberia Parish--grew up in Lydia, LA.

Mabel’s first spouse passed away. Had 5 children.

She married T.C. Alexander of Bel, LA, who’s first spouse had also passed away. He had 3 children.

T.C. and Mabel moved to Jennings, LA in 1970, where T.C. pastored the First Pentecostal Church of Jennings for over 40 years.

Together, they had:

8 children
30 grandchildren
61 great-grandchildren, and
33 great-great-grandchildren.

Ms. Mabel  resided in Hathaway, LA.

Sister Alexander's Testimony

I was born in Iberia Parish on May 3, 1917. I grew up in Lydia, around Jeanerette, LA. I was one of 7 children and we were a close family. My daddy was a common laborer so we moved around a lot. I never finished school because we moved so much. I was promoted to the 8th grade and then we moved to Venice, LA so I wasn’t able to finish school. We stayed there for a few years before we came back to Jeanerette.

When I was 5 years old, I remember riding in a two-seater horse and buggy and going to a denominal church. But it wasn’t until 1933 when I was 16 years old that I heard the oneness message for the first time. I remember the night it happened. I was getting ready to go to the dance and my uncle came and invited me to go to church with them. I didn’t want to go because I already had a date for the dance and my daddy was my chaperone. But just before my aunt and uncle left, something told me I needed to go to church. So I told them “If y’all will wait until I change clothes, I’ll go to church with y’all”. So I went and changed clothes and we left for church. That night when we got there, they were in revival. I went to the altar that night and got the Holy Ghost! They told me I ran to the altar. When I came to, I was on my knees. I don’t know how long I had been out. The next day I told my daddy that I was getting baptized and my daddy flew off the handle. He told me if I got baptized that I couldn’t come back home. Well I went ahead and was baptized and sure enough, my daddy told me to leave. So I went and spent about a month with my aunt and uncle. A month later, I got word that my sister Dorothy had an infection from a rusty nail in her foot that the doctors couldn’t cure. It wasn’t healing. I told my parents that if they would bring her to church, the Lord would heal her. So they brought her and the church prayed for her and her foot got well! After that, my daddy said I could come back home. We didn’t have a car but I was so delighted to be able to go home that I was happy to walk to church. It had to be a good 25-mile-walk from Jeanerette to Louisa. I walked it with another lady and her two daughters. We’d leave that morning and we’d get there for the evening service. We did take our time and played along the way, but it was a long walk. Someone would bring us home after. I was willing to do anything to be able to go to church. I remember after I got the Holy Ghost, my aunt would take me from house to house and I read everybody Acts 2:38. I wanted everybody to know about it!

I kept talking to my daddy and reading the Bible and explaining scriptures to him, but it was several years before he got baptized and got the Holy Ghost. My daddy and Dorothy got baptized at the same time, when Dorothy was 8 years old. They were baptized in Bayou Teche. There was a lot of water to wash their sins away. Dorothy got the Holy Ghost before my daddy did. Not that my daddy was mean, but he thought that this was the wrong religion to be in. But after he got the Holy Ghost, he was faithful to church every chance he got. I also witnessed to my grandparents. My grandpa understood English, but my grandmother didn’t understand a word of English. I had to read the Bible in English and then read it to her in French. I read them the plan of salvation and finally both of them got baptized and got the Holy Ghost! Several years later, my daddy donated land for a church to be built in Jeanerette.

I married my first husband in 1935. He did trapping and carpentry and shrimping for a living. I went shrimping with him for about a year and I loved it. I loved feeling the shrimp in my hand. We had a good life and had 5 children. We were married for 27 years. In 1962 my husband passed away from cancer. We were living in Lydia at the time. I had 3 children still living at home and things were hard, but God sustained me.

On August 24, 1963, I was remarried to Bro. Alexander. He had 3 children and we became a family of 10. In 1964, he began pastoring the church in Jeanerette. We were there for 6 years until we moved to Jennings in 1970 and started pastoring here.  We were married for over 51 years until he passed away in 2014. We had a good life and he was a wonderful husband, father, stepfather, and grandfather.  

I grew up in the country with a very strict mother and wasn’t allowed to go out like the girls do today. But after I got the Holy Ghost, I had a very active life. I’ve been in the Lord’s work all of my life since then. When I got married at age 18, I became a Sunday school teacher. I was the youth leader for 17 years and served as the church secretary for 17 years in the Jeanerette church. I was also the youth leader in Jennings for awhile until Sis. DeeDee became the youth leader. I can remember having 8 and 10 week revivals. You were prayed up! I can’t tell you the string of miracles and things I’ve seen. I’ve seen miracles in my own family and in other people. I’ve seen miracles in my children and grandchildren. I’ve seen the sick healed, seen blind eyes opened, I’ve seen the lame walk, and I’ve seen the dead brought back to life. I’ve seen people filled with the Holy Ghost and I’ve seen God’s protecting hand in my own life. I’m so thankful for everything God’s done for me, and I couldn’t have made it without Him.

I’ve had many losses along the way and many ups and downs but God has sustained me through them all. God has given me things to hold on to and that’s what has gotten me through.

I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER.  God’s been good to me!


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