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January 2, 2012, 8:59 PM

Upcoming Events and News for January 2012

A very busy December has come and gone and we have started on a new year here at FPC with several exciting services coming this month!

December saw our Singing in The Park before the fireworks with pictures here:

and the Youth Christmas party with pictures here: our Christmas Banquet with Bro.

Shields providing the entertainment with pictures here: (You can see video clips at

the bottom of the blog entry).

Also our Super Sunday which occurs the second Sunday of each month with pictures here:

This month we have several exciting services including our annual Mid-South Apostolic Men's Conference!

January 8th - Super Sunday

January 11th - Bro. Jerry Rowley Jr. Preaching

January 13th - 14th - Mid-South Apostolic Men's Conference

January 15th - Bro. Gary Streeval and Bro. Jason Calhoun preaching

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