Apostolic Voices in our Generation



Apostolic Voices in our Generation

Track list

1 Is Anybody Talkin Bout Jesus Anymore- The Richeys


2 Preach The Word-The Apostolic Boys  
3 Don't Give Up - The Thrashers  
4 The Race-Wynnette Dudley  
5 I've Been Blessed-The Morgans  
6 I Held On-Valerie Weeks  
7 I Got It -The Townleys  
8 Make Me In Your Image - The Thrashers  
9 Welcome Home, My Child - The Apostolic Boys


10 New Mercies - The Richeys  
11 I'm Depending On You - The Morgans  
12 Satisfied Soul- Valerie Weeks  
13 What Is Left- The Townleys


14 Look What The Lord Has Done- Wynnette Dudley


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